January 8th, 2009

Abq Journal scaling back, announces layoffs

There's more bad news on the newspaper front in New Mexico. The Albuquerque Journal says it is scaling back its distribution area. The paper also on Wednesday night and this morning laid off a few people and is set to lay off more today. More news when it becomes available.

Update, 3:57

Here's the official word from the Journal. No real specifics in the post, however, apart from saying that fewer than 10 people were let go from the newsroom. The Associated Press, however, is reporting that the cuts were in several editorial departments in Albuquerque in Santa Fe. In addition, the AP says the Albuquerque Publishing Company laid off people in the circulation, advertising, production and other departments, but the company didn't disclose the number.

Let's hope the Journal is able to continue to dedicate the same number of people it has in the past to cover the Legislature and state government, especially given the current situation with Gov. Bill Richardson. Because with something like this, the more reporters the better.

Update, 9:30 a.m. Friday
Here's our story on the layoffs.