Kate Nash (kn_sfnm) wrote,
Kate Nash

Richardson vs. Denish in 2014?

Gov. Bill Richardson sent out an e-mail last night to Democrats, trying to drum up financial support for his party candidates this fall. The letter was the usual stuff, updating people on what he's been up to since the presidential race. (Mostly international work.)

But one part struck me as a little strange. Check out this:

"I still have a lot of work to do here in New Mexico before I leave office in 2010 due to term limits including fighting to extend health care to every New Mexican. And I remain actively involved with national politics because we need to change America and every one of us has to contribute something But who knows? Maybe I'll even decide to run for Governor again in 2014--if something else doesn't pop up in the meantime!"

Is he joking? Presumably Lt. Gov. Diane Denish will become governor in 2010 and will still be interested in being governor in 2014 -- barring a loss to a Republican or another Democrat in either of those years, of course.

So, Richardson would run against Denish?? Really? If not, why bring it up?

And, what happened to working for Obama in some capacity? Has Richardson given up hope on that? The tone of the e-mail kind of suggests he has, although Obama certainly hasn't come out and said Richardson isn't on his list...for something.

When I read the e-mail this morning, I thought back to a statement Richardson made at the celebration honoring him and three former governors at Sandia Resort and Casino Tuesday night.

As he was wrapping up his speech, Richardson said to state party chairman Brian Colon: “By the way, thanks Brian for trying to get rid of me, all of you...you tell me `Geez, you’d be a great so and so,'” he said. “Well listen, I am here and I am here to continue our agenda in New Mexico to make us strong proud vibrant, no matter how long it takes.”

Really? Richardson in New Mexico as long as it takes? Strikes me as an odd thing to say, given the aspirations he clearly has . . . Unless the UN or NATO or something will be moving its headquarters to Santa Fe. . .

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