Kate Nash (kn_sfnm) wrote,
Kate Nash

Richardson back as a hot topic in national media

Photo by Kate Nash
Richardson at Monday's press conference talking about his decision to withdraw as Commerce secretary.

 It hasn't been since he was a presidential contender that Gov. Bill Richardson has gotten this much media attention. But his decision to withdraw as Commerce Secretary has the national scribes busy again on this beat.

First up, Politico.com's Roger Simon says the Richardson situation is part of Team Obama's "drama" here. Obama Drama. Too bad nothing rhymes with Richardson. Hmm.

The Seattle Times says Richardson "and his cohorts have the grave misfortune to be in the orbit of a crime that has raised nationwide suspicions of "pay to play" practices in municipal bond markets" here.

Next,  U.S. News and World report has a piece here by Bonnie Erbe, saying Obama should give the post to Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. This piece is interesting, not just because it comes up with another name for the Commerce post, but in part because it's written by someone who covered Richardson in Congress in the late 1980s.

Then, there's this hit by the Huffington Post. Drink another cup of coffee first, because you'll have to sort through all the links from the piece, and there are plenty. A few, however, are a little out there.

Just when you thought New Mexico had dropped off the radar screen again. . . 
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