Kate Nash (kn_sfnm) wrote,
Kate Nash

Tweet, tweet

 So, yea we've joined the ranks of those who twitter. What's that, you ask? It's a way to receive short updates on local news. (Twitter can be used for short updates on anything, really, but I figured you might be more interested in local news updates than say, whether I'm at the grocery store or the park.) The tweets, as the entries are known, are like blog entries, but even shorter. And you can sign up to get the updates on your phone or e-mail. So you can skip your computer and still stay in touch.

It's free to sign up on our page.

I'll still be blogging on the Legislature and other goings on in state government. But look to twitter as well for the latest news. Because I can update our twitter page from my phone, I will be sending updates from committee hearings or press conferences or where ever I find myself covering news. . .

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